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For She is Mine by RedYume
For She is Mine
So long as I have her, all things are possible. She bends space and time, for I will it to be so. I am burdened by glorious purpose, but lifted by her infinite wings... Tesseract.

Cosplay: Prince Loki

Series: Thor/Avengers
Model: RedYume
Costume Design: RedYume
Photogaphy: UnsungHeros 
Post-Production: RedYume
Pondering by RedYume
Wow... it has been quite awhile since I've uploaded anything. The long and short is a long and seriously rough part of my life is done and I'm on to better things. I'm still not quite pleased with my Loki renditions, though I think my makeup is getting better. Not perfect yet... but getting there. Expect much more GRELL in the future. 

Cosplay: Prince Loki
Series: Thor/Avengers
Model: RedYume
Costume Design: RedYume
Photogaphy: UnsungHeros 
Post-Production: RedYume
How do you feel when you read stories in a long post, RP style format? A story with shifting 3rd person or limited omniscient perspectives with overlapping narrative at the start and end of each shift.
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United States

Long Journal Pt 2... This is ALSO NOT Okay.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 2, 2014, 8:53 PM

Two in one day. I must be having a particularly rant-infused day today. Bear with me, my little duckies, for it will all be over soon. I'd like to know...

What is happening to the convention/cosplay community? When did all this BS seep into our convention halls and hotels? and more importantly, how do we get RID of it? Not to date myself too badly, but there was a time when the convention scene was a safe community to be yourself in. Please note, I didn't say it was ALL safe... things can happen anywhere. But to be out there and geeky- and be accepted for that, was part of it. Sure, there were those that were really beyond social normalcy, but even they were treated with a kind of benign neglect that didn't leave them crying in the corner. Now... (NOTE: These are not mutually exclusive groups, mind you)

-The Elitists. We have the con "cool kids". The elite, the trendy, the cross-genre royalty... You know the type. No need to get into it, when there are so many others...

-The Sh*t Faced. We have those who go to cons and get sh*t-faced drunk, so they can be "the dude in the tights that puked up all over the stairs" or "that guy who woke up next to an underage girl" or "that girl who passed out in the halls and was..." Do you get the idea? Is THAT what this community is about now? Is THAT what we've become? A bunch of irresponsible, insulting, sexually predatory (or intimately STUPID), idiots? 

-The Unwashed. Now... this group has been around since the beginning of time and while I would say there are fewer of them now than were entwined in our young roots... they're still around. One stink-a-saurus really puts a damper on the party.

-The Entitled. Now, I'm not talking about the elitist types. I'm talking about the, "Have I mentioned I'm like... the creme-da-la-creme Sasuke. We should have a 'thing'." I've had a few of those cross my path and I unilaterally keep on driving, listening to the metaphorical "bump-bump" as my tires roll over their misplaced ego. But again, this is a growing new trend. It's like there are those out there that feel cosplay gives them the right to say things, touch, and act in ways which are HIGHLY inappropriate. On that note, there are normies (non-cosplay types) that feel they have a right to say, do, act, touch because they are doing so to someone who IS in cosplay. See my previous journal post for more on that.
 Please note I DID NOT SAY "LOOK". Being looked at comes with the territory of cosplay, sorry. That is just how it is. You look hot/sexy/awesome/dangerous/totally on point OR conversely you look, not-hot/disheveled/messy/have pieces of your clothes falling off. However you look, you WILL be looked at. To expect that you won't is really... illogical to me. But that's another rant, for another day.

-The Rejected. Those that are too introverted, strange, socially awkward, creepy, predatory, cosplay-inept or smell bad. This is a hard group to really put a pulse to because it's always been a part of the community to varying degrees. The difference being that when things like 4chan were in its infancy, the trolling of these individuals was at an absolute minimum. And as I previously stated, there was (at worst) a kind of benign neglect, where they were not actively sought out for company, but they also were accepted as part of the convention going community. Now they are absolutely CRUCIFIED on the Internet... and not just by the mainstream. It's The trendy-geek and less-rejected nerds setting fire to their unfortunate brethren. As if it wasn't hard enough being different and finding yourself in a world that likes handbags and manufactured, spoon fed music. Now there are factions within the "other" so that there's not an other other, and even a, "So Other we can't possibly be polite"? 

-The Dramuu. We all know them. I have decided to call them the Dramuu... A poisonous faction of cliques, cliques within cliques, and meanness all around. It's like The Ladybugs, but without the cool pins (Family Guy Ref). They spread rumors, tell lies, and tend to be pretty critical of others without an ounce of introspection. As I said, these groups are not exclusive... one can be more than one of these. I have met many beg-tastic unwashed cool kid Dramuus in my time. But, back to the task... The Dramuu. Exclusionary by nature, you're either with them, or you must be burned on whatever platform they have access to. It's like, they can't be happy doing well. They have to build their pyre of self-worship with the trees sprouted by the freshly shed tears of their adversaries/competition/ex-friends/anyone who may or may not have possibly ever insulted them in any way. They like the BS and don't know how to live without it. It's like High School on Hot-Glue steroids, sprinkled with glitter and a healthy dose of 5 Hour Vanity.

-The Beg-tastics. This is one of those groups that I just can't quite wrap my brain around. Maybe it's the illusion of being a child? An expectation of being taken care of? Or believing yourself to be so important that people OWE you something (Also see: The Entitled). They don't have a job, or a good job... they don't want a job. They aren't making it because they're spending more money on fabric than food, more on conventions than saving for cars. And there's nothing wrong with having bad spending habits. More power to those who want to live in that constant struggle! However, when they appeal to their "fans" to help them... they become beg-tastics. It's the Kickstarter to pay for a convention. NOT to go as an artist or get a comic to print... no no, just to GO as an attendee. It's the "My Wai-Fu needs a new phone, so I'm taking donations". It's intentionally trying to be injured repeatedly so the government will send you checks. It's asking if people have an "extra" wig they can have. Or posting about how hard life is because things weren't handed to you...... aaaaaand then asking people to hand you things, to ease the pain.  It's parasitic and I don't know why our community is littered with so much of it. 
On that note... I do not accept donations. I do not ask for money. I do not bitch about how hard life is. I am not on any government aid. When I wanted something expensive (my lovely doll), I WORKED for it. When I needed MORE money to get it, I opened commissions. That's how adults do things and it really looks awful when people don't act accordingly. I am judging. I am being blunt. Eat a sock if you don't like it. They come in pairs, if you want to get friends for a flame war, you can share your sock pairs!

-Coattails and Hog Wash- Or CHW for short. These are individuals who hang out with people who they perceive to be more popular than themselves. They do this for the sole purpose of trying to better their supposed standing in the community, climbing a ladder that no one else sees, to an end no one quite understands. But climb they do... following like little Gollums over their precious popularity. And there's nothing wrong with the following- whatever floats the boat, cap-i-tan! But this is where the "Hog Wash" past comes in. They claim to not like those they follow about, slander and demean whenever in the presence of a rival faction, or around a friend who sees through the BS of it all. But then the posts that follow tell a different story... If they don't like them, why oh why are they hanging out? To make it even more ludicrous... they then tell how torturous it was to spend time with them (Also see The Dramuu), and how they can't possibly understand why people like them.


Well now, that kinda took on a life of its own. Glad that's all out on the page. To answer some inevitable questions...

1. This is not a passive aggressive attempt at thumbing at anyone in particular. The names, places, faces, and Dramuu have been changed to protect the tactless masses who will give themselves enough self-import to think this is about them. There IS a song about that, it's called "You're so Vain". I'm sure there's a youtube of it somewhere.

2. That said, we're also going to pull from Cinderella. If the shoe fits... wear it. Run around the block in it. If it still fits, do some high kicks (then remember you aren't into martial arts), step the catwalk in it, do a pretty little turn. If it STILL fits... then yeah, you're probably an entitled unwashed beg-tastic dramuu CHW. I'm sorry, but there may be an ointment to help you out. It's generic name is GTFU (Grow the F Up). Most of us were slathered in it in our late teens and early twenties. Some take longer to discover this miracle drug that has given real life to so many.  

3. This is not my normal journals and to those who are seeing my less than cordial self, please understand- I'm upset, and I take full responsibility for being upset. My inner Thumper says this rant is okay because it isn't directed at individuals, but at a multi-symptom disease that is really disturbing. WHY is the community like this? There are so many TALENTED, BRIGHT, NICE, SMART, ACCEPTING, BEAUTIFUL inside and out people in this community. But they have become the minority! I want my early con days back... when it was nerd love and knowing WAY too much about our favorite anime series and movies. 

The End

PS: Comments Welcome. Flames... eat socks.

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