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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 10:58 AM

First... let me start with what I didn't have room to put in the title. I have been on Deviantart for almost a decade. A DECADE, GUYS?! Granted, I've only been really active for the last... 6 years? 4? Not really sure and too tired to look it up. But whichever, that's a long time. There have been manic periods of creativity, long lulls of inactivity, but I always seem to return- and happily so. The last couple years have been pretty hard on my muse, but I have to say... the corner has truly been turned and it's fading away in the distance. So I feel confident saying the muse is on the mend and has a healthy appetite.

The last cosplay I put up with my Medieval Grell, and I think in the near future I will revisit that design and improve upon it. I am not sure it's reached its full potential. That costume was a really important part of getting back on my game, so to speak. It had been so long since I'd really sewn something for myself and my machine needed some repairs. It wasn't a good combination and though the muse was willing, the tools were not working with me. However, a fixed sewing machine and some much needed "cosplay closet clean-up" with the help of my dear friend UnsungHeros and I was back in business- literally!

This last round of commissions has been exhausting, but in the very best way. I got to use new techniques, try new fabrics, and made some really special things for my clients. They have all been very gracious and I appreciate their business greatly. Some even sent me photos of them in costume and I gotta say, I think that was my favorite part. If you're one of those clients and want to send me pics but haven't,  please do! I love seeing them, really. 

I have taken on only two commissions for the coming Fall and may take one more if time allows. Both of these costumes are intricate and tailored, so I won't have as much time as I had previously to take on a full load. However, asking never hurts! So if you have costume needs, drop a line and we can discuss it. November is probably the earliest I will be able to complete any incoming commissions, aside from the ones I already have going on. So, just keep that in mind. I am also not currently available for "rush" orders.


SDCC is almost here and I wasn't planning on attending, but thanks to a very kind friend, I will be going on Saturday! You know who you are- THANK YOU! I really need to get back into the Industry/Press side of things... I've been gone far too long. On that note, hopefully I will have a website launch which will allow me to do exactly that. But it's kinda hush-hush if you haven't heard about it. Just keep your eyes peeled... all you writers and artists out there!

I have been trying to put on a new "skin" for awhile now. Grell will always be near and dear to my heart, and I am SURE there are many costumes for him that I will be making :: Glances guiltily towards pile of Grell Fabrics ::. Yes, there will be more Grells... one can never have enough. But for SDCC this year, I will finally, FINALLY slip into that new skin. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on what version I should do! All three will eventually be made, but if you saw my FaceBook post yesterday... you know which version I chose. Who knew that Tesseract blue was such a hard color to find... and who knew deciding what to make a diadem out of was such a hard decision- sculpy... air dry clay... expanding foam... mache... craft foam. Oh engineering, how I love and hate you!

I have 2 shoots lined up for SDCC on Saturday and may take one more if someone is really interested. I am booked from 11 AM to 1 PM and then my Night Shoot slot is also already filled. I don't know what I'm doing for Golden Hour, so for those that like to shoot then, drop a line and we'll see if we can set something up. If not, I may be available Monday afternoon. It's been far too long since I've seen some of you guys, so at least come up and say hello! 

I am also looking forward to the DEVMeet at Analog on the 23rd. I may or may not go in cosplay, but I will certainly be there. Hope to see some of you there! Anyone else going in cosplay? If so, what will you be dressing from? Dunno if I should do a Grell or something else. Oh Grell... how I keep coming back to you, like a hopeless junkie. Just one more round... one more spin... one more sharky grin. 

I guess that's all, darlings! See you at SDCC!

Ever yours,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Grellkin... and Upcoming Tesseract Prince

Hello 2014... A new character is on the horizon (It's a secret... shhhh). Weigh in on the first costume... 

12 deviants said No preference. I'm sure it'll be great, whatever costume you make for this mystery character.
7 deviants said Make a canon alternate version, there are enough of the 'original' costume, I'm sure.
7 deviants said Original designs are your thing. Whoever it is, make something new and UNIQUE!
6 deviants said Make the canon version. It's always a good place to start.
2 deviants said Grellish Option!

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