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February 2
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Feb 1, 2014, 5:11:57 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
Medieval Heart Grell by RedYume Medieval Heart Grell by RedYume
"To be the dragon, the damsel and the knight is so trying. But then, that's why I am an actress, to shed one role and wear the other, again and again, until the curtain call."

It has been so long since I've done a proper shoot, and longer still since I've finished a proper costume. But 2014 is here and I found myself at the cross-roads of January. Either I needed to get back on it, or keep my favorite mementos and move on. So... Hello 2014, Red is back in action, full force and ready to be ravishing in red. 

Cosplay: Medieval Heart Grell
Series: Kuroshitsuji (Original Costume Design, RedYume)
Model: RedYume
Photography: CosplayMedia
Post-Production: RedYume

Notes: This costume (which you will see much more of. Consider this a portrait teaser, lol. I just... loved the expression in this one) was one of those rare things which comes together at 3 AM over coffee and YouTube mix music. The fabric and notions were all things I had on hand from other projects, and I took a major detour from my usual construction methods. This whole costume is put together with... ribbon. All the paneling, the sleeves... everything is ribbon. The fasteners were held on with thread (I don't trust ribbon THAT much), and the undershirt was a modified purchase. 
I usually (as most of you know) line EVERYTHING, trim EVERYTHING, and get really in depth with the overall quality of the piece. But as they say with this one, "I wasn't feeling it". I didn't want to spend my hours sewing and adding trim. So I burnt the edges of the fabric to keep it from fraying and left a bit so it looked a little rough. This was originally supposed to be a Grell of another title, but as many of my costumes so, it took on a life of its own. 
 It took about 20 (languid) hours to complete and I'm very pleased with it. 

I'd like to give a very big thank you to CosplayMedia for contacting me about a shoot. It's been a long time since I've had an artistic "click" like that and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I can't wait to shoot again. Also, UnsungHeros for continually poking at me to get up and GRELL! Well, not just Grell, but to get up and cosplay. Her buzzing was a big contributor to this coming together. Lastly, JackSevenPaint for bringing up some important design advice and being supportive of my manic work schedule, coupled with my equally manic cosplay construction... which may or may not have had the entire living room barfing red tapestry fabric and smelling of burnt synthetic everything.
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DigimonEmpress123 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You look so awesome!
RedYume Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Thank you!
DigimonEmpress123 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TsukiNoKishi Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014   Digital Artist
Oh my! That outfit is divine *w* :bow:
RedYume Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Held together with ribbon and chainmail links, WHEE!!! Thank you! :heart:
TsukiNoKishi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014   Digital Artist
Your costumes are really beautiful! You really pay attention to details :heart:
RedYume Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Aww thank you!!! And thank you for noticing the detail work. I really pride myself on it and it just makes my day to see someone else appreciating it. I hope I can bring you many more costumes to enjoy! :rose:
icenectar Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014   General Artist
Wow! This is a really good cosplay shot of the character. Not personally my favorite (character) but I do like this photo!
RedYume Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Thank you very much!!! Grell is one of those characters... love him or detest him. He is fun to play. I also have do a bunch of Sebastian. ^_~
icenectar Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014   General Artist
I will have to look at those. I must admit that I could tolerate him in the manga even though I preferred Ronald out of all the Reapers (that was before I knew the true color of the Undertaker's eyes). The anime is what did it to me. I like the voice actor they chose for the character, but there was just something about him...
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